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Poems of Woman Scream 2016 Macedonia

Poetry of Woman Scream 2016 Macedonia coordinated by Olivera Docevska

Olivera Docevska

However ... (12.02.2016)

If you break my heart
and delete the smile
behind dark deep eyes,
prayer for you will not stop ...

Sorrow , will not take away
all earth colors of the rainbow, from the face...

Sun in the hair will not mar like
dark night, even though

the night will stay restless, long,
too long ...without dreams…

No, I will not pledge with the same force.
Such a thing does not exist when
you wait for mercy to long,
it’s vain , stupid,

Silence with a word to hit ...
Never, I will call.
Word to word, eye to eye,
they will never meet, each other...
And tear's Chapel,
will become a stone ...

all will gone with winds ,
only sharp stone on the coast, lonely oaks,
proudly will sway still ...

A thought, still
will be obsessed with tomorrow ...
although tomorrow will not exist.
It will always be - a yesterday.

Seven hills and seven valleys,
and Tomorrow night,
will hide what
you will never have and you will always miss.

Tomorrow will be a new day,
who knows what tomorrow brings,
and what destiny is written.
not so long ago described in March,
as the brightest star.
Sealed With the kiss.

Xhabir Deralla

(This poem is published in “Malfunction”, 2012, Shortcut Production. It is also part of a music album, available online here.)

Keep On Dreaming
(To my daughter Nora)

We found each other in the endless sea of sorrow
Sharing senseless history of diseases
Sitting in the bottom of the well
Playing with frogs and worms

We run from our parents to become parents
We kill to survive
We hurt each other to find refuge
We seek refuge where it never existed

Find emptiness in the crowded streets
Become artists where ugliness rules
Frames are made of gold and
Pictures are taken away

Letters never arrive in time
Meanings of symbols never unveil
Leaves turned black while waiting for the rain
Like the mother waiting for her son to return

Keep on dreaming, my dear child, keep on dreaming
Dreams are the only reality that matters
When life will stop beating
And record of pain will make a tiny bruise in the skies
Your dreams will remain

Keep on dreaming, my dear child, keep on dreaming

Elena Prendjova, Macedonia

Translated into English by the author
The English translation has been proofread by: Aneta Naumoska, M.A.


I was absent the day I was lynched
I stood myself and them up
I stood death up
nobody wishes to look at me now
I am a bitch
I didn’t let them conduct the sentence

I am now wandering on my own
in search of myself
amongst the crowd inside me
I am alive
even after the announcement of my death
a painful topic
socially viewed
death is but a penned piece of paper
misplaced in the cellars of the archives
a tax-regulated opportunity
for proving illiteracy in employment
souls will live until tears cause pain
we will die
as long as there are others remembering
people cease to exist once others forget
only gravity will remember our existence
burdened by the heaviness
of our steps on Earth

the most desirable person
is the GMO person
sterile enough not to give birth
fertile enough
to cash unsuccessful IVF attempts
these are modern times
experiments have exited the laboratories
everything happens on the streets nowadays
both reality shows and field recordings
both domestic rows
and improperly-parked cars
both children without parents
and children with parents
both lost children and found parents
both stray dogs and pets
the tarmac concretes them there
preventing them from touching
the weight with their steps on Earth
feminism is not a walk with a heavy step
feminisim is a walk with no step at all

Marta Markoska
Translator: Aleksandra Spaseska


While you’re telling me 

nothing’s changed
the cosmos had spread
and we’re galaxies
further away from each other!
While you’re telling me 

that it’s cloudy in your soul and my aura is sun-filled
I remind you that the Theory of Chaos
is rooted in Meteorology 
While you’re telling me 

that we should have stopped time
when love had greatest density
and the bodies greatest magnetic force
I remind you that the black holes were made of implosions
and now they exist inside of us!

Asdren Çeliku

The Beautiful

It was you
Oppressed by patience
Enslaved in incarnated handcuffs
I loved you the moment I saw you
I loved your being
Your willingness to smile
It was you
My love
Your freedom was my love

Violeta Tancheva-Zlateva
Translated from Macedonian into English by: Elena Prendzova


I do not wait for a sign from God
or a Devil’s temptation
to plunge into a surge of frenzy
foolish, I am
even in my sane self
I am not keen on gossiping while drinking coffee
nor fond of tit for tat
while washing the dishes
I do not bother which dress to wear the next day
I am a mother who does not care for make-up
who won’t opt for high heels for the parent-teacher meet-up
I am an unconvential woman who won’t reach for the umbrella
in the gentle summer drizzle
and who would not spit trice to ward off ill fate
I am who I am
I need no spring to fall in love
nor the summer heat for а holiday or for letting my hair down
Wired-up is my common state of mind

Like the others in the sea
I float in my own
poetic frenzy

Keti Jovanova

You are a woman, so what?

Mom, I was confused as little
how every night
your hands gently used to brush my hair,
and your kiss on my forehead
telling me everything is going to be okay
and how you never get bored,
but i said to myself-
that’s just something all mothers do.

And it’s true,
how many pride mothers can hold,
justifications for their actions,
lionheart when saying
she won’t let anyone hurt me.

Brought me to this world
with eyes still not opened,
totally numb,
but made with her own hands a path to follow.
So, to the woman who can notice
the slightest change in my chameleon mood,
and then asks all day what could possibly go wrong,
to the woman crazy enough
to think and support the believe i was raised to be
something more than ordinary,
who worship the creation in my mind
and praise all the impossible dreams and visions.
Who didn’t think that loving a video games will make me less a girl,
Painted my room in blue,
Saying you can be both – pretty and smart.

It is heart-breaking to see a society
Where girls are grown up
With spray and applications for safety in their bags,
That speed up their steps every time they walk past man at night,
Hands on their mouths after saying opinion loud,
Where this is considered as a rebellious act.
And the brusies onto their bodies counted as marks of love and strength,
Instead as something wrong.

This is for all the woman who  never had the chance.
That swallowed all their potential for someone’s else sake,
and now all their words taste bitter.
You are not “kitten”, “miss perfect”, neither  “babe” ,
You are a woman, so what?
You don’t have to be anything they expect you to, you are valuable enough the way you are.

Cvetanka Koleva, Macedonia


She is scarcely conscious of her own being and yet she's being brought to have her ears pierced on the very first Annunciation. The female. They take a piece of her virginity. The brow plucking for the first time, they repeat it. The female.
She enters the bed for the first time, in which she spreads her legs wide, and after the act she is trying to imagine how would the world alter, wondering if this first love of hers would also remain the only one. They teach her so as a little girl.
The Female!
He would do the job, he would brake the HyMen, and then some of them stay, some of them just go away. She was imagining it quite differently, she'd say: - All right! It passed, too!- without making the sign of the cross. For the first time, at the Beautician, throwing aside the underpanths. Arms, legs, thighs. Nude. Female. Smooth. Purely through her tiny little lies, hide-and-seeks, she cuts her hair for the first time for a reason, then dyes it for a reason.
The HyMen is being lost between "Yes" said at the registry office and "Yes" said to the God. They want to make her babies, and maybe she will be giving birth, maybe she won't.
A Female. A Hymen lost in- Is she a proper lady!?
A mother too!?
 A woman also!?
She overcooks the lunch for the first time, so she makes some pasta.
 The moment she enters the bed unfaithfully. Female. Each day five virginities lost, at least. Repeatedly.
 Female. The way she smiles, the way she looks it is the most important thing in the world.
 Oh, my God, and when she publishes a book and then publicaly speaking about losing all of her virginities! - Female!- they shout.
-Female! And all she did was telling others about her lost HyMens, in front of a mediocre audience, the story which honors her best.

Delvina Krluku
Translated from Macedonian into English by: Olivera Docevska


Tonight,  i am sailing by boat without a sail and pole;
River of boredom, has grabbed me.
Life has became a sea of whining.
The wind haven’t  a bit of freshness.
Heart ‘ s screaming as a mermaid
who meets  our  noisy streets .
I have locked at myself the Secret,
which tied me in our last day
, day together.
I would like to meet hem in Shakespeare scene
and to die when the curtain falls
To stay forever on the scene.
Ophelia in love.

Viktorija Siljanoska

Women, fighters, mothers

Our steps are brave,
we carry mountains on our shoulders,
yet every day we show up beautiful
in front of the people.
Businesswomen, nicely dressed
and hardworking housewives,
with an attractive smile on the face,
but the soul may be full of sadness.
We don’t want anyone to know,
we don’t want anyone to find out
that we are vulnerable,
that we are fearful.
Because we are strong,
we don’t show it when our hearts are breaking
because of injustice, pain, disappointments,
someone’s sorrow, and unfulfilled dreams.
So, tell me, is it worth it
to wet our faces with tears?
Aren’t we made for tenderness and hugs,
for caressing and kissing?
Doesn’t every woman deserve
a man who looks at her with love
and cherishes her like the apple of his eye,
and tell her “I love you!” every day?
So, let our voices be heard,
there is power in each of us
and each of us can try to  prevent.
the things that even time can’t change.
Because we are fighters, mothers, women,
we have to be respected and appreciated.

Marina MIjakovska


Female Ocean


In hot water
my soul
Silence speaks!
The key in the keyhole is jammed.
A cry, senseless and wild
of this femail body
refuses to be kept mummed.

Aleksandra Velinova


They will shoot with envy flechettes
Seemingly, you’ll be indifferent ...
You will be shoot with flechettes of fear
thou would think as fearless.
They will fire with anger and rage,
And thou would pretend as indifferent.
The dream would be taken away,
Thou would howl I will dream new one.
And would want to hit your heart,
and thou shalt say yours is already petrified.
Even if your eyesight is ravished, there is no harm ..
Only if your mind is safe,
And flechettes standstill fore!

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