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Poems Woman Scream 2013 Columbia, South Carolina USA

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Woman Scream 2013 celebrated by HeTePu Productions , coordinated by Sufia Amenwahsu

Joy to Pain

Joyce Rose Harris

…for Mary Woodson White

Sliding in from the rain, behind
your friends it was easy they’re use
to me
being around. Passing libations
with laughter flowing freely; finally
you see me. No joy only pain
across your beautiful brown face.

One by one people leave; now only
you and me. I wait for an embrace
but a slap is your gift to me tonight.
Just a year ago it was diamonds
and furs, now it’s loathing and hate.
I love you, don’t you love me too?

We shed our facades, intermingled
on the floor with our clothes. Blending
and bending our bodies into one
distorted untruth we release, together.
Like always you shower immediately,
washing our sin down the drain.

I go to the kitchen, cooking your favorite
meal, bacon, eggs, toast, and grits.
Tonight, I make you special stone-ground
grains blended with buttercream
and plenty of pepper. Slow-boiling, stirring
them like you stir all my senses.

I click off the stove and something
clicks in me. Outer body bound,
naked with our sex still fresh on my flesh,
I walk to you. "Baby, dinner is ready."
“You still here?”, you say with contempt.
A twitch, a click, I open the bathroom door.

You turn too late; now you're covered in hot
stone-ground pain, screaming like I scream
inside every day for your love. A blur
…all a blur between tears hands shaking,
I take the .38 from my purse; no more pain
for you or me...good-bye my sweet.

No more joy…no more pain.
Tap, tap, tap, I can still hear the rain.

A. E. Black

SCREAM! - at broken hearts, broken plates, broken cups, broken fingernails,
At - broken doors, broken arms, broken teeth, broken jaws, broken women
At - broken systems, broken families, broken children, broken hope, broken love
At - broken hymens bleeding out on sheets of broken promises
SCREAM! - at this state of concubinage that women are condemned to live
This stale existence of waiting to be chosen by Prince Charming
SCREAM! - at Fairie God Mothers that don’t exist
SCREAM! - at Walt Disney lying to millions of little girls about Cinderella
SCREAM! - at Biblical stories of good King Solomon’s wisdom and fairness
…..and his 700 wives and 300 concubines
SCREAM! - at his bartering daughters in negotiations with other potentates
SCREAM! - at those 1,000 souls longing to be wanted, to be needed, to be loved
Daughters condemned to a life as status symbols to be collected, traded and bred
Sows in a farrowing barn - fed, pampered, bathed, epilated and dressed in silks
1,000 bodies to be impregnated to bear more breeding stock
That will be sold as pleasure vessels equipped with breasts and vaginas
Incubators to birth more succulent little piggies
SCREAM! - at twisted minds of adolescent boys stuck in bodies of cloistered clergy
Writing such drivel and passing it off as scripture and part of God’s plan?
SCREAM! - at “Peter, Peter pumpkin eater,
Had a wife and couldn't keep her!
He put her in a pumpkin shell,
And there he kept her very well!”
Whose body, whose life, whose soul was this?
SCREAM! - at male fantasies masquerading as scriptures and nursery rhythms
SCREAM! - at childhood indoctrination
SCREAM! -at this abuse and rape culture we are taught from the cradle to the grave
SCREAM, again! Go ahead it’s OK
Then fight and scratch and claw for your right to relieve your own longings
…..and know you don’t fight alone!

Women Scream

S.G. Amenwahsu

Women are screaming because somebody, somewhere stole their innocence and instilled fear, guilt or lust in its place…..
Women Scream because they couldn’t speak before.
They’re screaming because nobody heard them at 8 when they told someone what went down, clearly articulating the scenario, but somebody turned the other way, and no-one did anything to help protect them……
We’re screaming cause we are in PAIN. Many of us have been maimed, but now, it’s a brand new game.
A Woman Screams, because it’s time to HEAL, without taking a pill to numb her Mind, Body & SOUL.
They’re attempting to gain Self-CONTROL……
Women are screaming because we still make .23 on the dollar less than a man, yet do the same work on the J.O.B + more once we walk thru the door at home.
A Woman Screams because she might have 10 years of College with 3 degrees and still come out with nothing more than a DREAM of, “We Shall Over-COME…..”
Women Scream when they’re left by Prince Charming, too often ending up with no job, no home or their American Dream, which in her mind, has turned out to be, more like an American Scheme. Or so it seems….
She screams cause as Fannie Lou Hamer once said, “I’m sick and tired of being sick, and TIRED …...and she’s ready to retire from the Battlefield.
A Woman Screams because she’s in PAIN and knows the HEALING is long overdue.
Women are Screaming, and their cries are being heard all over the World today.
(Three-peat verse as echo!)

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