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Poems Woman Scream 2013 (Grito de Mujer) Kosovo

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Grito de Mujer 2013 en Kosovo

(Coordinadores Ilire Zajmi  y Fahredin Shehu)

Woman Scream international Poetry Festival Cellebrated in Pristina (Kosovo)

(Coordinator Ilire Zajmi - Rugova)

 Poems were translated from original language

Fahredin Shehu

Queen Makeda- Balkis

Hoopoe bird brought a letter.
It commenced with the grand name that
Ordered my unconditional coming
I walked with precipitance.
Long was the Caravan,
With golden plated burden,
Balm, pearls from Indian Ocean,
Amber, Styrax and Yemenite blood- color
Heavy brocade this perfumed gown.
In the Palace I walked with hooves without heel
I lift dress the green silk dress,
I feared not to drench my fine couture.
Running water beneath the crystalline flooring
Two lions are welcoming me.
I come to you oh omnipotent King-
A Sybil who dictates the verses
From the grand book of constellations
And you do not rebuke the pigeons in love,
While you hear their parlor
They bear a burden jointly-
the burden of eternity.
I want to bestow you a Prince  
So the World shall remember a King-
The only throughout times,
Just as an Angel.
Let my Sages serve you,
Interpret dreams as Daniel the Prophet
To Nabu Kad Nasr of Babylonia
We shall unite
To create a celestial balance
A new Man shall be borne,
The one who shall bring Peace- for ALL
I’m a woman to whom the hymns are addressed
And whose heart bursts as a ripen pomegranate-
In each injustice; I’m a woman with  
The potency to give birth to a new World-
The Alchemist that transmutes blood into milk  
The one who dries tears; store them in nacre-
The last remembrance of the King’s Mother
The one who portend the conversation of the ant
This and only this shall give lesson to us-
On how the mountains turn in Laguna sand,
And the language of Love bears weight-
Of all the times prior, due and after Men
Whereas us let us remain Human and
This is a sufficient.


Poetess archaeologist, first kosovan woman academician

(No) Humanity


If you see A man
That roams the crossroads
Eyeing for lost himself

Keep in mind   
It is him
Whose children were massacred     

It’s better to leave him alone
If you can’t help


If you see
A woman,
And hiding from the world

Keep in mind   
She is one of the rapped women
Between a lot of other

Whom me and you
Didn’t manage to help

It is better to leave her alone
If you can’t help


If you see
A woman
Like dropping hairs
From body robes  

Keep in mind,
It is the mother of the girl
Jumped from the seventh floor
The evil-minded say
Who knows what for!

It is better to leave her alone
If you can’t help


If you see
A man roving street garbage  
Keep in mind,
He is digging through your trash
To nurture his children

It is better to leave him alone
If you can’t help


If you see
A man
Being puffed up in fop cars
And undeserved luxury
Do not bend
And do not let him smooth

If you want intend to help

Ilire Zajmi

Public Auction

They trade with my dreams
training their skills
They shop with my temper
dabble their patience
They bet for my breast
Measure their libido
They drink for my health
get drunk with their money
They are sleepless
Concerned about my problems
They hire a private detective
to write my black biography
counting my lovers.
For all the time
For them
I’m at the public auction
And they try to steal my eye
To rape my dream
to push me in the hinterland.
And to play, play with me.

Trina Gojani

I've Seen You

I've seen you from my window
below, you were staying in rain
and you stood like a tree
waiting and conveying the busses
just to send you "home".
Oh! I saw you like I used to see you
but, my windows are too dirty
to see also your pain.
I've seen walking from the door
with your head down,
and you were crawling,
and you tortured yourself
by trying to "kill" the pain.
I've seen you dancing with death
ignoring life
and deride with the future.
I've seen you how you have opened the door
to love, while death was hanging at you're wing.
I've seen you, and you have seen me
glowing and wobble 
in this coldest world.
I've told,
love is a hard thing
it takes your breath away,
but, we cannot breathe without it.

Qibrije Demiri Frangu

Life Is More

slammed laughter as a plastic mass
on your face
to plant feeling like an ancient tree

understand as the day that life is more
than farewell

St. George and your face
Willow flower and live

Never mind why with the breakfast breathe
nonsense powder
Thunder futility

As postmodern we are in the bloody painting
we invert soul
towards walking clouds.

Kujtim Paçaku

Black song, black mother
Mother, where are my brothers?
They were killed!
And where is father, mother?
He didn’t come back!
Neither the house dog is heard!
They poisoned him!
Mother, sing me a song!
My voice is hoarse, my son!
Give me bread, mother!
We don’t even have a bite!
And what will we eat tonight, mother?
We will bite our pain
and get drunk on tears. 

Ndriçim Ademaj


~to my mother~

The evening eyes are dropping 
as these drops drop inside this infusion bottle 
that tightens your wrinkled arm

Tonight I saw the loveliest eyes in the world 
as they are sleeping wearily in the bed of this dark hospital 
I saw you tired and numbed for the first time
I saw your pain 
hanging as pale neon 
over the silence of the night
we have been here several other times 
the first time it was when I was born
you held my name in your wrist
you were tender then
as an excellent pupil in the first day of school
why didn’t you tell me that one day you’d melt in life
as this boring infusion
why didn’t they tell us that we were nothing but unfallen leaves 

sirens come and bring other women
other young men killed drunken 
in the unwashed streets of Prizren
cars pushing each other 
toward the neighboring hospital graves
you are only sleeping, you are breathing 

I remember when I used to play with your long hair 
you were telling me short stories 
about those who are gone and those who’d come
about father’s boredom
and brother’s childhood
but we never talked about us
who cares, tonight you’ll listen to me long enough 
tonight, you don’t have to say anything
about the night when I came back home drunk
for wasted time
about women that I have loved, and about those who didn’t love me more than you ever did
for a long time I’ve been looking to find a song for you
but I never had enough time
I was drinking for the one
that went across the Atlantic with the first airplane
where all the sewages and betrayals of this world are being discharged 
for a long time I wanted to love you only with my eyes

it doesn’t matter,
what matters now for you is to wake up 
here, the light is coming out with some confused raindrops 
well, I am here too, I see the most loveliest eyes in the world
well, you are awakening from a horrible dream
which is leaving with the last drops of infusion
as an uncalled taxi

don’t give up,
we have the whole time of this world to die…



Ilire Zajmi

Ilire Zajmi is writer and journalist from Prishtina, Kosovo. Author of eight books.  Four  poem collections, three  published in Albanian language, one published in Portugal, in English language. Author of one novel, and a publicistic book "Un treno per Blace" published in Italian language, 1999 in Italy. "Television pictures and reality" study book, published by Saga publishing house, Kosovo. Ilire ‘s poems have been translated in English, French, Italian, Portugese, etc. She is presented with poems in many literary anthologies in Europe and USA.

 Ilire Zajmi  is winer of special price for poetry “Venttenale” in the international poetry contest held in Milan -Italy in the 20 -th edition 2011. 

Trina Gojani

Trina Gojani, born in Gjakova. She studied History at the University of Prishtina.  Her poetry's were published in several magazines in Kosova and in Albania as well. Some of her poetry's are translated in Hungarian language and published in "Haemus" magazine, also in Serbian language, and they are published in a book " From Prishtina with love".
The final work she made, is the translation in Albanian of the Japanese author Higuchi Ichiyo " Nine short stories".

Qibrije Demiri Frangu

Qibrije Demiri Frangu  born on 1957.  Professor of literature in the University of Prishtina. She published ten poem collections for children and adults. Her published books are: “Buzëqeshja s’është larg” 1981, “Flurudhë” 1985; “Ta shoh botën si gotën, 1987; “Gjithësia si qershia” 1989;”Këmbët e erës” 1995; “Prekja e vdekjes”, 2000; “Nar det regnar over havet” “ADRS”, Malme Sweden, 2002;”Shpirti i luleve” , 2007, “Tallje e bukur” 2010. Participants in several anthogies : “Kafshimi i mollës”, 1996, anthology of Albanian writers of  A.Podrimja “Take të larta”,2000, “Ars”,Albania,  2004 , “Filologji” 02-03-04 and in the anthology in the German language of Ferdinand Laholli

Kujtim Paçaku

Kujtim Paçaku is born on 12.IV.1959 in prizren. Journalist, writer, musician, artist. He is author of several books: 1995 - Coauthor of children book “ I bari lavenqi pustik e Rukunesqiri”, 1994 - Poems antology: Amico rom“, 2004 - Autor of first multilingual Rromani dictionary in Europe  : LAVUSTIKORRI“   (Rromani, Albanian, Turkish, Serbian, English & French language), 2002 - (with Mina Qirici) “Rroma folk tales - How did God created the Rrom / Sar kergǎ o Devel e rromes”, 2007 - Poetry book: “Sumnakuni Phurt” (Rromani, Albanian, Serbian & English languages), 2009 - Poetry book: “Amare mule na mèrna” (bilingual Rromani-Albanian), 2009 - Poetry book: “E Devlesqe ćirikle - Jevendesqe gilǎ / Les oiseaux du ciel - Chants d`hiver” (bilingual Rromani-French - Paris), 2010 - Poetry book: “Jekh than tal-o kham / A place under the sun” (and Rromani, Albanian, Serbian & English languages), 2010 - Antology “Jeta e re / New life” Kosovë, 2011 - Poems book: “Trujal o jaga / Around fires “ (in Rromani, Albanian, Serbian & English languages), 2010 - Anthology of poetry by Polip printing house (Prishtina), 2012 - Antology (second enlarged edition) “Jeta e re / New life” Kosovo, 2012 - “Um das Feuer” German version of “Trujal o jaga / Around fires “, 2012 - “Oko Vatre” Croatian version of “Trujal o jaga / Around fires “, 2013 - Part in Italian anthology “Thousand Poets for change”, 2013 - electronic book: “Kur shpirti këndon / When the soul is singing”. Winner  of the awarws: 1998 - Golden Medal “Rominterpress Europa” for Rromani journalism,1994 - Golden Medal “Amico Rrom” (Rromani poems), 1997 - Golden Medal “Amico Rrom” (Rromani poems, 2007 – Award and medal about contribution in Rromani World Congresses .

Ndriçim Ademaj

He was born in Prizren, Kosova. His first book of poetry" Kërkoj diellin" was published in 2008. "Dera", his second book was published in Pristina (2011) and republished in Tirana( 2012). This book is translated in French and will be soon published in France.
His work has also been featured in different national and international literary magazines and anthologies. He resides in Geneva. 

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